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By: Dea Loher

Directed by: Alina Rece

Duration: 95

Set Design: Viorel Penișoara-Stegaru (decoration), Alina Rece (costumes)

Music: Alina Rece

Genre of the show: drama

Translation: Cosmin Dragoste

Decoration: Viorel Penișoară-Stegaru

Costumes: Alina Rece

Assistant Director: Mircea Tudosă

Technical direction: Mircea Vărzaru


Based on a text from 2010 by the German writer Dea Loher, a playwright of immense international success, the show is part of a project initiated by the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, in partnership with the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre, the "Cameri" Theater in Tel Aviv and The National Theater in Stockholm. The project aims to translate the song "Diebe" into three foreign languages and stage it.

The play follows the evolution of twelve characters, more or less interconnected, whose meaningless lives are revealed to us from fragments brought together with virtuosity in the form of a shaking social picture, although sweetened by certain comic touches. Oscillating between harsh reality and unexpected outbursts of the unconscious, the show surprises through unexpectedly unfolding situations that push the limits of ordinary understanding. The dramas presented are, however, those of ordinary people, unable to regenerate and forced to lead their existence as thieves of their own lives.


"Fundamentally, the challenge that the director encounters in front of the Berlin author's texts consists precisely in the dilemmatic option of adopting the plurivocal register of the score that is offered to her or identifying and building a transversal vein that gives the performance a kind of unitary idea capable of coagulating unidirectionally the message. It must be said right from the start, Alina Rece chose the first option, marching rather on the qui-pro-quo technique, as well as on interchangeability in the play of the protagonists, both in the construction of the same character (see the polysemanticism of Linda's registers, interpreted with aplomb and accuracy by Iulia Colan), of Erwin (translated convincingly and equally throughout by Ştefan Mirea), but especially of Thomas, masterfully illustrated by Angel Rababoc, with his well-known reserve of distributive capacity and with the expansive tone to which he force the tonal changes…”
George Popescu, Thieves, by Dea Loher or the obscure meaning of the game of life and death, Mosaic, no. 11/2011

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