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„Amza Pellea” Hall

by André Roussin

Translation: Raluca Păun

Directed by: Alexandru Boureanu & Raluca Păun

Decoration: Andreea Simona Negrilă

Costumes: Natalia Vasiliev

Technical Direction: Cristi Petec

Prompter: Adrian Țîrcă

Premiere date: 28 September 2019

Duration: 120 min with break

Genre of the show: Comedy


Andre Roussin, born on January 22, 1911 in Marseilles, the son of an industrialist, began his occupation with his friend Louis Ducreux (and the theater company Le Rideau gris) before achieving success and fame with Une grande fille toute simple (1944). , Nina, Le Petit Hutte (1974), Les Oeufs d'Autruche (1948), Bobosse (1950), Lorsque l'Enfant paraît (1951), La Mamma (1957), Les Glorieuses (1960) ), La Coquine (1961), La Voyante (1963), La Locomotive (1966). He also published memoirs (Patiences et impatiences, 1953); Un contentement raisonnable, 1965) in Plon and Comedies de la Scene et de la ville by Calmann-Levy.

Pierre de Boisdeffre, A Living History of French Literature Today, Ed. Univers, 1972

The day that Charles Jaquet, Minister of Education, Family and Culture, a staunch enemy of vice and sin, achieves a political success by closing brothels and banning abortions, is also the day that he receives blow after blow at home, first from his son, then from his wife. They have some shocking news for him! His career, his son's future and his daughter's wedding are in jeopardy! His only hope remains that the bio-experiment with the rabbit will be negative! A sparkling comedy written by André Roussin in 1951, but still extremely topical today. A show full of unexpected twists and turns.


"Cosmin Rădescu plays a charming role, creating a frivolous, intelligent character, rather bored in the marital relationship, a moralist in the public space, but also at home, when he keeps waving an extended index finger in front of the children, but at the same time a careful spirit , diplomatic, empathetic, ready to support his boy materially, but also with advice: "As a man you must not leave traces. Well, what, are you a snail?”. [...]
When you have a good text, it seems simple. The merit of the directors Alexandru Boureanu and Raluca Păun is precisely this: that it seems simple, that everything flows naturally, that a certain atmosphere is created, through sets and costumes, through lights and musical illustration - from French pieces, at "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini " they stand out, but the show, the actors. ”
Cornel Mihai Ungureanu, SpectActor nr. 3/2019


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