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The snows of yesteryear

„Amza Pellea” Hall

by: Dumitru  Solomon

Artistic direction and stage version: Mircea Cornișteanu

Set design: Puiu Antemir

Producer: Marius Pîrlea

Technical direction: Sorin Gruia

Prompter: Anca Maria Ilinca

Lights:Marian Tudorache, Alina Mitrache

Sound: Dan Feneșan

Video: Florin Chirea/Orlando Edward

Spectacol duration: 1h 20 min


The show "Old Snows", directed by Mircea Cornișteanu, based on the play of the same name by Dumitru Solomon (1932-2003), is a guaranteed home success: the director's experience (he has staged this text several times) and the supple, intelligent writing of of Dumitru Solomon lead to an infallible recipe. He (Adrian Andone), impetuously and romantically advances in the territories of carnal love trying to stun Ea (Cerasela Iosifescu), in a pathetic unleashing of courtly love, with native inflections. He wants the passionate kiss, She anticipates the thrill of the wild heart: "why does love hurt?" Too young to need other qualities, He strings together platitudes, truisms, cosmic fantasies ("I love you endlessly, as much as the Universe, as much as Time") while She, still wary, just wants to be loved "terribly much" . Rica and Zita are not too far away, only in the 19th century...

Even Dolphis, the statue in the square under which they know each other, is revolted by so much amorous languor and lightness of being - he comes to life to come down from the plinth to make fun of the lovers dizzy with love and grandiloquence; life is not poetry, even if it can be a dream. They will wake up from this dream in time when the routine installs its killing device. Love turns into marriage.

The marital bed turned battlefield will reveal to the audience what we (almost) all know: Love only lasts for 3 years (according to Beigbeder's formula, which Solomon knew first), sometimes not even that long.


Dumitru Solomon was born in Galați on December 14, 1932 and died in Bucharest on February 10, 2003. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Bucharest (1955).

He made his debut in the press with articles of literary criticism, and editorially in 1958 with the essay "The problem of the intellectual in the work of Camil Petrescu". His essay activity was concretized in the volumes "Theatre as Metaphor" (1976) and "Internal Dialogue" (1987).

He was editor of "Luceafărul" and "Gazeta Literară" magazines, and after 1990 director of "Teatrul Azi" and "Scena" magazines. His activity was rewarded by the cultural world with numerous awards: the Academy Award, the Writers' Union award three times, the Bucharest Writers' Association award three times, the Romanian Comedians Award twice and the UNITER Award for the play "Repeatable balcony scene".

Several of his plays enjoyed success on the Romanian and European theater stages: "Morgana Girl", "Scenes from the Life of a Bădăran", "Archimede's Secret Weapon", "Apa", "Superba, nevăzuta camilă", " Pinnacle", "Orient-Express", "The Notion of Happiness", "The Snows of Old", "Socrates, Plato, Diogenes the Dog", "The Repeatable Balcony Scene", "The Two Nightingales".


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